Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now promotes the simple TLC concept, which can actually save lives:


  • TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual?


  • LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape or texture?


  • CHECK anything unusual with your doctor.

We need only one sentence to explain why Breast Cancer Now are out there – to stop breast cancer for good. No words are needed – their actions speak for themselves.


According to recent statistics, the most common cancer in the United Kingdom is breast cancer, which affects one in eight women. Every day women are diagnosed with it and every month 1,000 women lose their battle with it. All this means that each of us probably knows a victim of breast cancer, and while it exists, no woman is safe.


For this reason, Enviro-Clean decided to help Breast Cancer Now by promoting their TLC initiative – Touch. Look. Check.


It appears that the most common way breast cancer is found in the first place is by women noticing something unusual with their breasts. 


In order to show our support for Breast Cancer Now and with the hope to make a difference, Enviro-Clean (Scotland) UK pledge a part of the proceedings of one of our freshwater tankers to help Breast Cancer Now with their fight against breast cancer.


So, if you happen to see our tanker on a project somewhere near you – and we made sure that you will be able to recognise it! – just take a minute and think about a world without breast cancer. Such a world is worth spreading the word – Touch. Look. Check.