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The Enviro-Clean CCTV fleet utilises the most up to date technology available in the UK, including Zone 1 Ex cameras for use in petro-chem environments.  Our equipment is capable of surveying pipes and culverts with diameters from 50mm up to 2.5 metres, with 500m cable lengths.  All reports are prepared using the Wincan VX software to allow ease of viewing and reading the results collected by our qualified operators during the survey.  The surveys are uploaded from the vans to our CCTV Dept for instant review and quality checking and from there the report can be sent via email or a hard copy sent via express courier to your door. We can also produce an uncontrolled copy on site to allow further works to be actioned immediately.

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What is a CCTV survey?

A CCTV survey is where we insert a mini digital video camera into your drainage system, be it foul or surface and push or drive it through the pipe to locate an area of damage or obstruction/blockage. Our CCTV survey equipment can be used in pipe diameters from 50mm to 2m, so we have the right system for every job.

gallery CCTV Pipeline Inspections & Surveys gallery CCTV Pipeline Inspections & Surveys gallery CCTV Pipeline Inspections & Surveys gallery CCTV Pipeline Inspections & Surveys

Why would I need a CCTV survey to be done?

You may need a CCTV survey to be carried out if you have a recurring problem in your drains as there is obviously and issue that is causing this to occur. A CCTV survey will give you an instant answer to allow us to present a cost effective solution to prevent the blockages in future. Your site may be governed by a PPC (Pollution Prevention Control) Permit and as such you should be checking your drainage network regularly to ensure any damaged pipe work is not allowing effluent to exfiltrate into the soil.

However, good housekeeping and general maintenance should also drive your company to check their drainage systems regularly to prevent sewers and surface drains blocking, surcharging and flooding your working premises which may cause severe interruption to your business and possibly your neighbour’s property and loss of stock, building fabric damage, etc. This may lead to costly insurance claims that may be refused if your negligence is proved on the grounds of your company being unable to demonstrate a regular maintenance programme of drain cleaning.

You may also need to know where your sewers and surface water drains are located if you or your business are planning any construction work. It also provides a point of reference to be able to claim any construction firm for damage caused during any excavations and ground works.

How much does it cost?

A CCTV survey is not an expensive process and needn’t cost the earth. Given the possible costs and consequences if you do not carry out regular maintenance on your drainage networks, what could be as little an amount of a few hundred pounds, it is an easy decision to make and have your drains inspected regularly.

What happens after the CCTV survey is completed?

Upon completion of the survey we will produce a detailed computerised report using the industry standard software, Wincan VX, to We can present the data and observations collected by the CCTV Operator. This report is supported by a DVD and a plan that is marked up and corresponds to the report to allow easy reference. The written report can also be supplied electronically to allow for filing on asset register systems, email between colleagues, etc.

If specific problems are identified during the course of the survey, we can provide cost effective solutions to carry out specialist cleaning via HP jetting or repairs.

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