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Here at Enviro-Clean we can install new and maintain and repair your existing drainage and water network systems. Damage to pipes can be costly to repair, especially when you have to dig down to access the damaged section and replace it. At Enviro-Clean we are always looking for new ways to save the customer money but still deliver a quality product.

Why Should I Use Enviro-Clean?
Quite simply, because we are the option that informed people choose to be trusted with their drainage repairs. At Enviro-Clean we have a team of experienced squads who can repair and install drains, manhole covers and shaft, repair kerbing, install culvert headwalls, fencing, etc to the appropriate ISO standards. Our team is headed up by a highly experienced manager with over 40 years of experience of working, managing and delivering projects of all sizes.

gallery Drainage Repairs & Pipe Lining gallery Drainage Repairs & Pipe Lining gallery Drainage Repairs & Pipe Lining gallery Drainage Repairs & Pipe Lining

What are the options to digging a hole to solve my problem?
One of the products we champion is pipe lining, both patch and full-length lining. Pipe lining is a very simple technology where we insert a fabric ‘sock’ coated in epoxy resin into the pipe at the point of damage, which sticks to the internal surface of the pipe. We allow a set period of time to ‘cure’ and harden the resin. This replaces the section of damage with a brand new, solid repair. If there is a larger section of pipe that is damaged, rather than a patch repair, we can install a ‘full’ liner which runs from manhole to manhole which is in effect a brand new pipe without any surface disruption. These lining methods also seals the pipe again to prevent ground water entering or effluent leaking from it causing contamination to the local ground area. Pipe lining is the answer to save you time, money and minimise the disruption to your home or work site.

What if this isn’t an option?
However, if your problem is such that the pipe is collapsed or damaged beyond repair and patch or full pipe lining is not an option, Enviro-Clean can still be relied upon to solve your problem. Our squads of experienced civils can safely repair any pipe at any depth to ensure your effluent keeps flowing away from your property towards the public drainage network and not flooding your home or place of work.

How do I know that your proposed solution will work?
Certain jobs require an element of professional design & planning and again, Enviro-Clean has the answers. During the time we have been in business we have worked with some of the finest design and structural engineers in the business and we are able to appoint them on your behalf to ensure any proposal is fully checked by an independent, professional person who is qualified to design and verify any proposed repair or alteration.