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Enviro-Clean are delighted to announce that our new network infrastructure is almost finished. The newly build CAT6 network, courtesy to Envirotech Integration Ltd, was a crucial part of the ongoing upgrade of our IT systems and has made a big difference to the smooth operation of the business.

Simeon Krastev, IT Systems Administrator at Enviro-Clean, explains more about the project:

We started working with Envirotech back in October, when it became clear that our IT System will not be able to support the planned expansion of our offices and staff. At Enviro-Clean, we always strive to be better at what we do, and we knew that if we want to operate smoothly and provide a continuous and uninterrupted service to the public, we need to catch up with the times and invest in IT and networking.

Fortunately, we got in touch with Bobby Logan at Envirotech, who fully understood our network requirements and the challenges associated with them. The project was tricky as we had to lay over a mile of new CAT6 cable to provide the whole building with a fast, stable and secure Internet connection. We had to move the existing system to a better place – a dedicated cabinet that we secured specifically for the project, and had to terminate and test all cables and new network points installed. 

As of March 23, our new network is almost ready – you can read more about it on Envirotech’s website: https://evtintegration.uk/2017/03/23/envirotech-builds-a-new-it-infrastructure-for-enviro-clean-scotland-ltd/. The network comes on time and within the allocated budget, and will facilitate the transition from our Panasonic PABX system to a Cisco VoIP landlines. We will write more about it at a later stage.”

What all this means is that we have never been more effective in our efforts to provide you a great customer service. With fast internet connection and clear telephone sound, we will be better suited to understand your needs and act on them.

Here is what Bobby Logan at Envirotech said about the job:

We are delighted that Enviro-Clean chose to work with us for the building of their new network infrastructure. The project was a big one, but we like a good challenge and we are really proud of the final result. With their new CAT6 network, 20/100 leased line, and Cisco VoIP phones coming soon, Enviro-Clean’s IT systems are now timeproof and will help the company deliver a better customer experience and an uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Stay tuned for our new blog post next week detailing all the IT and network upgrades we have implemented in the past months. Photos are in the making too!

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