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Hello! My name is Chris Curtis and I am the Glasgow Regional Manager for the Food Train. We are a charity and our amazing volunteers support the most vulnerable and isolated older people across Glasgow.

Many of the older people we support have other critical conditions and are extremely susceptible to Covid-19 and are in the high risk category. Our services are already extremely busy and demand for our help is going to increase over the coming days and weeks . It is extremely likely that we will lose volunteers due to illness and self isolation measures that will need to take place.

If you would like to get involved and help make a difference in Glasgow in the current situation by volunteering with us for one or more shifts per week either by helping us grocery shop for our members or getting involved in the delivery side of things either as a driver or a delivery assistant then PLEASE get in touch via email on

My team and I would be grateful if you are able to share this across your networks in Glasgow in the hope that you or someone you know will be able to get involved and help us ensure we can continue to support our members during this particularly difficult time.

Please also take a look at our website and facebook pages for more info on what our organisation does :

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