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The power of the Disab unit is unrivalled within the industrial vacuum units industry, although many try and copy its design.  The extra performance gained from its powerful Caterpillar C9 auxiliary diesel engine allows the belt driven vacuum pump to run at over 90% total vacuum and provides an airflow of 8100m3/h, ensuring that all types of material will be lifted.  The belt driven pump is more efficient that a hydraulic drive system as it does not overheat which can cause damage to both the pump and auxiliary engine.

gallery DISAB Vacloader & Hi-Volume Suction gallery DISAB Vacloader & Hi-Volume Suction gallery DISAB Vacloader & Hi-Volume Suction gallery DISAB Vacloader & Hi-Volume Suction

Given the power of the air flow, the Disab is capable of lifting certain types of debris vertically in excess of 50 metres and over 200 metres in the horizontal plane! The debris tanks of the Disab’s range from 10-14m3.

To help reach those difficult areas, the Disab is fitted with a centrally mounted, flexible 200mm suction boom, allowing it to fit through narrow doorways, windows, air vents, etc to reach the waste to be removed.

The industries that commonly use the Disab’s cleaning power are water, waste water, power stations, pulp and paper mills, cement and lime factories, quarries, ship yards and many more.

The ‘High Tip’ facility allows the tank to be raised to an almost vertical position to ensure that all material in the tank is safely removed, either through 200mm decant valves or opening the hydraulically open rear door.

Enviro-Clean operate a fleet of 6 Disabs and 5 Hi-Volume Liquid Ring Suction units, to remove all types of material – wet or dry, such as sand, fly ash, shot-blast, gravels, ballast, sludge’s, liquid’s, screenings and grit.

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