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Enviro-Clean have been asked to provide our knowledge, plant and labour to assist the Caledonia Water Alliance in Phase I of laying 2,900 pipe sections for a new 900mm high-pressure water main pipe from Amlaird WTW in Waterside, East Ayrshire to Darnley on the south side of Glasgow. The route runs alongside the M77 motorway, and our knowledge of working and excavating peat moorland was instrumental in our selection as the preferred contractor to complete this sensitive project. Phase II will see the pipe continue to Straiton in South Ayrshire and will provide fresh drinking water to Glasgow for another 100 years.

The main part of the contract entails the removal of 19 metres of rock from two halves of a cut-through on either side of the M77. This will allow the drilling rigs to pass under the motorway and the water pipes to be jacked through from from side to side under the motorway. In order to do this, we had to strip 3 metres of top soil from the ground to expose the rock substratum and to create an access route and platform for the drilling rig. The rock removed was crushed on site and used to create the access roads and footpaths from the site entrance to the working areas, removing the need to import stone from a quarry and minimise the carbon footprint of the project.

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After moving mountains, the pipeline was then cut open for 8 miles cross-country through peat bogs, forestry and agricultural grounds, until arriving at the water treatment works and being connected to the supply tanks.

The excavation was carried out by large Liebherr earth-moving plant and excavators, such as four 60-tonne Dozers, one 60-tonne excavator, two 36-tonne excavators, two 30-tonne dump trucks, and various other small items of earth-moving plant.

And when the contract was finished, we had to put it all back again! This was done in order to restore the countryside to its original condition, leaving nothing but footprints visible to ensure the ground can regenerate and allow wildlife to return as quickly as possible. Scottish Water are committed not only to ensure they deliver fresh, clean drinking water for all of Scotland, but also to invest in the future and deliver their projects in a manner which is sustainable and meets their own high levels of compliance and environmental protection.

At Enviro-Clean, we have all the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to perform even the largest earth-moving projects.

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