Given the diversity of our fleet we are able to provide vehicles to carry out any job you need done. All operators are trained and qualified with DOMS certification to safeguard the hygiene of the work at all stages of the work. The operators follow clearly defined processes to ensure that contamination of the network does not occur.


Enviro-Clean have the largest fleet of specialist fresh water tankers in Scotland and regularly support national water utility companies in the event of loss of supply to their customers in households and commercial and industrial properties. The water tankers cover volumes from 3000G to 6000G and can pump directly in to the mains or unload into small local bowsers for the public to draw their supply from.


Whether your job is one load or multiple loads, one day hire or 24/7 running, we have the tankers and drivers to safely deliver your requirements.


I need a large amount of water delivered, how do you guarantee delivery?
Short of the water network freezing, which is extremely unlikely, given the size of our fleet and staff levels we can deliver any amount of water at any time and over whatever duration you require it.


I need a storage tank on site to supply water. Can you do this?
Yes. We have water storage bowsers from 2000-25000 litres and these can be configured on site to suit your requirements and/or connected via hoses and pumps to deliver the water to where you need it.


These tanks can be filled to suit and have water quality checks carried out weekly to ensure good hygiene is in place.


To be 100% accurate just call us and provide the European Waste Code for the material you need to move and we can give you an instant answer.


How much does the water cost?
That depends on the utility company and the area from where it is being extracted. Usual costs for potable water is circa £0.80 to £0.95 per cubic metre plus transport costs.


Can the water be used to supply drilling and grouting operations?
Yes. We have supplied many companies with water to feed on site batching plants and drill rigs. The water can be pumped off into on-site storage tanks for mixing when required.

Why Choose Enviro-Clean?

  • Fast, professional service 24/7
  • Trusted by major water utility companies
  • Large modern, reliable & varied vehicle fleet
  • Fully qualified personnel
  • 24/7 Technical Support & Advice

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