Enviro-Clean has carefully selected hazardous waste partners that are able to offer professional, compliant advice to meet all of your haz-waste requirements. Our partners are able to handle all hazardous waste up to and including radioactive waste streams.


We work closely with our professional partners to deliver projects that involve the handling and disposal of lab chemicals, oils, solvents, oxidisers and other substances that are hazardous to health or have the potential to pollute the environment.


To maintain relationships, your existing Enviro-Clean contact will do all the work to liaise with our partner and keep you informed of progress from the estimate to delivery. We do not pass our valued customers over to an unknown person or company. Furthermore, your contact will be on site during the work to ensure continuity of service and offer comfort to you that Enviro-Clean is in control.

Projects that we have undertaken and managed include:

  • Caustic Chemical cleaning
  • Oil Tank decommissioning & cleaning
  • Hazardous Waste collection and disposal
  • Fuel Bund cleaning
  • List Item
  • Fuel Interceptor cleaning
  • Acid removal
  • Toxic Substance removal

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