1.5m Planer


Enviro-Clean utilises the most powerful cold milling machine in the compact class, the Wirtgen W150. It is ideal for use on major construction sites in restricted space conditions such as city centres. 


Effective productivity, combined with superior ergonomic design, is one of its most outstanding performance features. These are grounded in powerful loading, intelligent engine control, intuitive handling and generously dimensioned fuel and water tanks for extended production times.


The benefits gained by having FCS, PTS (Parallel to Surface), LEVEL PRO automatic levelling system, outstanding manoeuvrability and a slender wasp waist make the design of the W150 an all-round success. 

Technical Specification

Milling Width 1,500mm
Milling Depth 0 - 320mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 980mm
Operating Weight, CE* 20,200kg
Water Tank 2,150kg
Fuel Tank 670kg
Speeds Milling: 0-32 m/min Travel: 0-5.3 km/hr
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9
Engine Power 276 kW / 370 HP / 375 PS
*Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg) and on-board tools
Dimensions in mm