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Enviro-Clean are the Scottish leaders in the supply of remotely operated hydraulic robotic sewer cutters.

What is a remote hydraulic cutter?

These specialist units are used to remove roots, intruding connections, foreign objects, encrustation deposits, etc from the internal surfaces of sewers and other pipes.

What size of pipe can it work in?

The cutting systems operate in pipe diameters from 100mm to 600mm and are able to operate in all pipe profiles; round, egg, barrel, etc.

How does it work?

It is hydraulically driven by water which is also used to lubricate and cool the cutting head. The cutting heads are easily interchangeable depending on the type of material/debris to be milled or cut.

The cutting head is remotely controlled by an operator via an on-board CCTV camera system which allows the cutting tool to remove with precision any object that is causing a service restriction to the flow of the pipe.

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Why don’t I just dig and repair the pipe?

The benefits of using such a system is that it negates the need for costly and intrusive excavations to be carried out. If there is a problem in a pipe under a busy road, the repair can be carried out with no disturbance to the road surface or inconvenience to road users and pedestrians. This system could save you thousands of pounds and produce a better job without incurring liabilities for road repairs, line marking, road closure and excavation costs.

What if the pipe has been damaged beforehand?

If the pipe was damaged as a result of an incident we are there to remove, such as a fence post or piece of steel rebar, we can also repair this section after removing the obstruction by inserting a patch liner to close up any gaps or possible points of infiltration. This will create a water tight seal which also prevents water or sewage from leaking from any hole or gaps.

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