1m Planer


Enviro-Clean possesses three of the Wirtgen W100 series planers (W100 & W100Fi). The front loader in the W100Fi is known for its high level of performance and flexibility. With it’s compact dimensions and optimised weight, this cold milling machine is ideal for diverse operations on the construction site.


Thanks to the milling unit positioned on the back right end, the machine is able to directly approach boundaries with its rear end, enabling it to carry out, for example, milling tie-ins. To optimise the material loading process, the particularly large slewing angle and speed of the front-loading conveyor can be flexibly adjusted.


The modern machine control system with the levelling system LEVEL PRO PLUS as well as the intuitive operation concept make efficient one-man operation possible.

Technical Specification

Milling Width 1,000mm
Milling Depth 0 - 320mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 980mm
Operating Weight, CE* 18,733kg
Water Tank 1,340 ltrs
Fuel Tank 610 ltrs
Speeds Milling: 0-32 m/min Travel: 0-125 m/min
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9
Engine Power 239Kw / 320 HP / 325 PS
*Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver(75kg) and on-board tools
Dimensions in mm
*Folding conveyor short.