2m Planer (W210i)


The Wirtgen W210i flagship is the epitome of high performance, quality and expertise. Complete with an innovative dual engine design, the W210i is the prime choice for a wide variety of road rehabilitation projects.


This two-meter cold milling machine is suitable for demanding milling jobs thanks to its high efficiency and versatility. It excels at a wide range of applications including surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal and fine milling jobs.


It possess three adjustable milling drum rotation speeds which allow for high milling output rates under changing demands.

Technical Specification

Milling Width 2,000mm
Milling Depth 0 - 330mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 1,020mm
Operating Weight, CE* 29,150kg
Water Tank 3,350kg
Diesel Tank 930kg
AdBlue/ DEF tank Filling 110kg
Max travel and milling speed 0 to 85 m/min (5 km/h)
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9 +QSL 9
Engine Power 537 kW / 730 PS
Emission Standards EU Stage 4
*Weight of machine, half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg), on-board tools.
Dimensions in mm