2m Planer (W220)


Enviro-Clean’s Wirtgen W220 large milling machine combines high milling performance and acceptable machine weight into a perfect whole. 


Reliable performance is a major strength of the W220 cold milling machine. Whether the job specifies milling off 40  mm thick asphalt surface courses on large-scale motorway projects or the removal of 350 mm thick concrete pavements at full depth. 


The W220 puts up a compelling performance thanks to its strong diesel engine, optimum traction and high performance loading concept.

Technical Specification

Milling Width 2,200mm
Milling Depth 0 - 350mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 1,140mm
Operating Weight, CE* 36,360 kg
Water Tank 4,500 kg
Diesel Tank 1,210 kg
Max travel and milling speed 0 to 88 m/min (5.3 km/h)
Engine Type Caterpillar C18 ATAAC
Engine Power 571 kW / 766 HP / 777 PS
*Weight of machine, half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg), on-board tools.
Dimensions in mm