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This is truly a unique machine and the only one of its type in Scotland. ‘Trac-Vac’ by Enviro-Clean is the country’s only real off road and rough terrain Vactor and literally leaves all the other poor imitations in its tracks!

With the low ground pressure of the unit, it is ideal for working on soft ground and areas that cannot be damaged, such as golf courses, nature reserves and farmland. The technical performance of this unit has been enhanced to operate in remote areas and in many cases is more powerful than our competitor’s road going units.

This vehicle negates the need for the hire of expensive aluminium track panels that will kill off the grass below them and are the target for opportunistic thieves looking for a quick buck for scrap metal!

All the vacuum and jetting plant is mounted on what was a Morooka rubber tracked tipper chassis which provides a stable platform for to allow the vehicle to traverse the roughest of terrain such as harvested forests to clear blocked hill drainage culverts.

gallery Trac-Vac gallery Trac-Vac gallery Trac-Vac gallery Trac-Vac

The vacuum pump is a roots blower unit and produces 3500cfm which is capable of vertically lifting debris in excess of 20 metres. The airflow from the blower allows for 150mm suction hose to be used to maximise the debris lift and particle size that can be sucked and therefore increases the speed in which debris can be removed.

The high pressure water pump fitted to the ‘Trac-Vac’ is a Uraca P3-45 model which is proven technology and in use in thousands of trucks and industrial applications across the world. Its technical performance is 400 litres per minute at 2500psi (170 bar). This performance ensure that nothing, bar solid concrete will stand in its way! This machine is the ultimate in performance for off road cleaning machines.

If you have any work that involves working off road in any way, only Enviro-Clean have the equipment that you need to get the job done.

Other off-road equipment consists of remote jetting reels mounted on mini dumpers and small rubber tracked units. For more information, please refer to our Plant Hire page.

Our Trac-Vac has been used on projects such as:

  • To clean up a large sewage spill on Musselburgh beach
  • To clean all course drainage at Dundonald Links golf course in Ayrshire
  • To clean a culvert in the Loch Lomond National Park

…and countless other locations in Scotland that could only be accessed with our Trac-Vac.

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