Given the diversity of our fleet we are able to provide vehicles to carry out any job you need done.The vehicles have a mix of vacuum and liquid ring suction so that every job is allocated the right machine to load the waste liquid or sludge.

Enviro-Clean operate a fleet of 18 tankers: 12 artic units with capacity to hold 6000 gallons(33m3) and 6 rigid tankers from 2000 – 4000 gallons(9 – 18m3). The waste tankers are used to transport sludge’s, trade effluents, septic tank waste and other waste liquids.

What type of liquids and sludge’s can you carry?
Anything other than hazardous liquids, such as fuels, acids, solvents and toxic waste. This work is contracted to our specialist haz-waste supplier who are experts in their field in carrying out this type of work.


Apart from the above waste streams, all non-haz industrial waste water effluents, process sludge’s, septic tank waste, sewage treatment plant effluent, waste food, digestate, Animal By Product (ABP) waste, drilling muds, lagoon sludge’s, etc.

To be 100% accurate just call us and provide the European Waste Code for the material you need to move and we can give you an instant answer.

How much do your tankers cost ?
That depends on the waste stream and the volume you need to be removed. However, it need not be expensive and we think clever when it comes to your waste disposal. We have excellent connections throughout the UK in the treatment and disposal of waste water and sludge’s, such as drying certain waste water sludge’s and applying them to agricultural and forestry land where permitted.

Why Choose Enviro-Clean?

  • Fast, professional service 24/7
  • Large modern, reliable &varied vehicle fleet
  • In-House treatment of certain sludge’s
  • 24/7 Technical Support & Advice

Whether your job is one load or multiple loads, one day hire or 24/7 running, we have the tankers and drivers to safely deliver your requirements.

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