Enviro-Clean (Scotland) Ltd is the UK’s premier Road Planing Contractor and operate a fleet of 10 Wirtgen planers, ranging from the W35Ri to the W220. Our variety of machines mean that we work on jobs of all shapes and sizes from removing localised worn surfaces to large-scale motorway resurfacing projects.


We take pride in our fresh approach to planing and provide a total solution service with our in-house Low Loader transport, Road Sweepers, and 32 20-tonne tippers and Gully Cleaning Units. We know the importance of quality machinery and service and always strive to ensure our customers come back to us time and time again. With this in mind, our fleet of planers are consistently maintained and improved to provide this reliable and consistent service.


Our team of operators bring a wealth of experience in the field of Road Planing and have been trained to the highest standard with the relevant CSCS, CPC, EPIC and IOSH qualifications. In-house training is ongoing and always progressive which allows us to align with new legislation and most importantly to ensure that our work is always safe and compliant.


At Enviro-Clean we are also passionate about reducing our carbon footprint. Therefore, we specialise in the removal, storage, recycling and distribution of recycled road planings. The re-use of this material in sub-surface reconstruction is not only cost effective, but will also dramatically reduce the volume of waste produced on your site. This allows substantial reductions in both environmental impact and overall costs which leads to sustainable project delivery while maintaining the highest levels of quality and finish.


Our range of planing services are available throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. Please get in touch today for more information or to book our services.


0.35m Planer


Enviro-Clean runs two Wirtgen W35Ri .35m Planers. A highly versatile small milling machine. An ideal candidate for milling operations in restricted space conditions such as carrying out partial pavement repairs, removing road markings, milling around manhole covers or larger rehabilitation projects in factory buildings or multi-story car parks.


It is distinctive for its low weight and the LEVEL PRO PLUS levelling system integrated into the machine management which ensures highly precise milling results.


It comes equiped with a loading conveyor.


Milling Width 350mm
Milling Depth 0 - 110mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 460mm
Operating Weight, CE* 4,670kg
Water Tank 275 ltrs
Fuel Tank 70 ltrs
Speeds Milling: 0-25 m/min Travel: 0-6 km/hr
Engine Type Deutz TCD 2.9 L4
Engine Power 45 kW / 60 HP / 61 PS
*Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg) and on-board tools.
Dimensions in mm

1m Planer


Enviro-Clean possesses three of the Wirtgen W100 series planers(W100 & W100Fi). The front loader in the W100Fi is known for its high level of performance and flexibility. With it’s compact dimensions and optimised weight, this cold milling machine is ideal for diverse operations on the construction site.


Thanks to the milling unit positioned on the back right end, the machine is able to directly approach boundaries with its rear end, enabling it to carry out, for example, milling tie-ins. To optimise the material loading process, the particularly large slewing angle and speed of the front-loading conveyor can be flexibly adjusted.


The modern machine control system with the levelling system LEVEL PRO PLUS as well as the intuitive operation concept make efficient one-man operation possible.

Milling Width 1,000mm
Milling Depth 0 - 320mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 980mm
Operating Weight, CE* 18,733kg
Water Tank 1,340 ltrs
Fuel Tank 610 ltrs
Speeds Milling: 0-32 m/min Travel: 0-125 m/min
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9
Engine Power 239Kw / 320 HP / 325 PS
*Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver(75kg) and on-board tools
Dimensions in mm
*Folding conveyor short.

1.5m Planer


Enviro-Clean utilises the most powerful cold milling machine in the compact class, the Wirtgen W150. It is ideal for use on major construction sites in restricted space conditions such as city centres. 


Effective productivity, combined with superior ergonomic design, is one of its most outstanding performance features. These are grounded in powerful loading, intelligent engine control, intuitive handling and generously dimensioned fuel and water tanks for extended production times.


The benefits gained by having FCS, PTS (Parallel to Surface), LEVEL PRO automatic levelling system, outstanding manoeuvrability and a slender wasp waist make the design of the W150 an all-round success. 

Technical Specification

Milling Width 1,500mm
Milling Depth 0 - 320mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 980mm
Operating Weight, CE* 20,200kg
Water Tank 2,150kg
Fuel Tank 670kg
Speeds Milling: 0-32 m/min Travel: 0-5.3 km/hr
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9
Engine Power 276 kW / 370 HP / 375 PS
*Weight of machine with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg) and on-board tools
Dimensions in mm

2m Planer (W210i)


The Wirtgen W210i flagship is the epitome of high performance, quality and expertise. Complete with an innovative dual engine design, the W210i is the prime choice for a wide variety of road rehabilitation projects.


This two-meter cold milling machine is suitable for demanding milling jobs thanks to its high efficiency and versatility. It excels at a wide range of applications including surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal and fine milling jobs.


It possess three adjustable milling drum rotation speeds which allow for high milling output rates under changing demands.


Milling Width 2,000mm
Milling Depth 0 - 330mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 1,020mm
Operating Weight, CE* 29,150kg
Water Tank 3,350kg
Diesel Tank 930kg
AdBlue/ DEF tank Filling 110kg
Max travel and milling speed 0 to 85 m/min (5 km/h)
Engine Type CUMMINS QSL 9 +QSL 9
Engine Power 537 kW / 730 PS
Emission Standards EU Stage 4
*Weight of machine, half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg), on-board tools.
Dimensions in mm

2m Planer (W220)


Enviro-Clean’s Wirtgen W220 large milling machine combines high milling performance and acceptable machine weight into a perfect whole. 


Reliable performance is a major strength of the W220 cold milling machine. Whether the job specifies milling off 40  mm thick asphalt surface courses on large-scale motorway projects or the removal of 350 mm thick concrete pavements at full depth. 


The W220 puts up a compelling performance thanks to its strong diesel engine, optimum traction and high performance loading concept.


Milling Width 2,200mm
Milling Depth 0 - 350mm
Drum Diameter with Tools 1,140mm
Operating Weight, CE* 36,360 kg
Water Tank 4,500 kg
Diesel Tank 1,210 kg
Max travel and milling speed 0 to 88 m/min (5.3 km/h)
Engine Type Caterpillar C18 ATAAC
Engine Power 571 kW / 766 HP / 777 PS
*Weight of machine, half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75kg), on-board tools.
Dimensions in mm

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