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No-one else has the experience, knowledge that the management of Enviro-Clean has when it comes to cleaning sewers, drains and culverts. Coupled with the largest range of cleaning machines in Scotland, no job is too small or too big. Unless maintained correctly, sewer’s and surface water drainage systems will become restricted with silt, debris and other objects such as the shopping trolleys and road signs from the local shop and work site!

Working in sewage is not nice; removing dead animals from culverts is not nice; but someone has to do it. Our team is dedicated to making a difference and carrying out their task in a professional and safe manner.

How do you clean sewers and drains?

Sewers and drains can be cleaned by using high pressure water (HPW), to draw silt and debris towards a large industrial vacuum pump which will suck it from the pipe through a manhole in the road or open channel from a culvert.

The water is pumped under pressure through a specially designed nozzle which directs jets of water at the surface of the pipe and forces the silt and debris to break up and flow with the water downstream towards the suction hose.

If the volume of silt and debris are very high and if physically possible to do so, we can also use on of our high airflow units, predominately Disabs, to manually load and suck the material directly into a debris tank mounted on a truck. This has the advantage of being quicker and does not use water meaning your waste volume is reduced and therefore your disposal and landfill tax costs.

gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning gallery Sewer, Drain & Culvert Cleaning

Why do I need to clean my drains?

You are legally obliged by law to maintain all sewers and drains within the boundaries of your property to prevent problems from occurring due to a build-up of silt, debris and fat/grease. Regular cleaning of your drains will prevent the blockages from building up and causing a pollution incident that may result in legal action being taken against you.

Your site may be governed by a PPC (Pollution Prevention Control) Permit and as such you will be bound by the conditions set out therein to clean your drainage networks regularly to ensure they run freely as intended.

Good housekeeping and general maintenance will prevent sewers and surface drains blocking, surcharging and flooding your working premises which may cause severe interruption to your business and possibly your neighbour’s property, loss of stock, building fabric damage, pollution of local water courses and public areas. This may lead to costly insurance claims that may be refused if your negligence is proved on the grounds of your company being unable to demonstrate a regular maintenance programme of drain cleaning.

How quickly can you desludge my system?

Where possible, we try to schedule our desludging programme to minimise our carbon footprint by greatly reducing the mileage travelled by our vehicles. However, this does not mean that we cannot respond to your immediate needs in an emergency situation. As we are a truly 24/7 business, we can get to you same day if necessary.

How much does it cost?

A drain cleaning programme is not an expensive process and needn’t cost the earth. Given the possible costs and consequences if you do not carry out regular cleaning on your drainage networks, for what could be as little an amount as a few hundred pounds, it is an easy decision to make to have your drainage networks cleaned regularly.

I have some drains that are quite big and in difficult to reach areas. Can you clean them?

In short, yes we can. Given the wide array of plant and equipment at our disposal, it is unlikely that we will encounter a drain that we cannot clean.

Our drain cleaning equipment can clean pipes from 15mm to 2 metre diameter in houses, factories, roads, and yards as well as off road and rough terrain. We have High Pressure Water Jetting vans and trucks, Vactors and Water Recycling Units. Vactor units are used for the majority of day to day cleaning and choke clearing jobs, whereas, the recycling units are used to clean large diameter pipes and are able to recycle the water extracted from the pipe and after having the debris screened from it is pumped back down the pipe to help clean it. This system greatly reduces the amount of fresh potable water wasted to clean your drains, lowering your carbon footprint, costs and downtime incurred if we need access to sensitive areas.

At Enviro-Clean, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our plant, the ability and training of our staff to work in extremely hazardous and dirty environments to remove blockages from sewers and culverts to prevent flooding and pollution incidents. From our Vactors, Recyclers, Off-Road equipment and our All Terrain ‘Trac-Vac’ unit there simply is no other company that can meet all your requirements from in house plant & equipment. We do not rely on 3rd party hire companies who work from 9 to 5 to source equipment from. This allows us to respond immediately to any emergency call from you, the customer.

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